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Soleil, Too! by Larry BonnerFirst she showed the world how a naive Canadian beauty could turn into a force to be reckoned with in the high-octane thriller, Soleil Tangiere.

Now, in the off-the-rails sequel, Soleil musters her formidable strengths again in a life-and-death struggle against a range of international adversaries including a mysterious group of female assassins and a vicious criminal syndicate out of China.

An outrageous diamond heist at a Soviet mine in the Arctic Circle unleashes international pandemonium–and in a bizarre twist of fate, its Max Stepanov, the love of Soleil’s life, who’s in it up to his neck!

Part Everywoman, part larger-than-life heroine, Soleil once again shows herself to be one of the most heroic and fearless female protagonists in literature today.

“A beautiful yet brutal journey of self-discovery wrapped in an addictive fusion of noir fiction and suspense thriller…Lee Child’s Jack Reacher has nothing on Soleil!” — Kirkus Reviews

“Vibrant, thrilling, a vivid sense of place and a fearless young heroine that most women want to be and all men want to have…Soleil is dynamic!” — Clarion Reviews

SOLEIL, TOO! is available from Amazon and the author’s website.


“Impossible not to turn the pages as Soleil becomes involved with dangerous people in dangerous situations. Whether its Zurich, London or New York, the compelling metamorphosis of Soleil is a breathless, freewheeling, sexy adventure!” — IndieReader Reviews

“Soleil is intuitive, intelligent, self-assured–a fictional bombshell–an ideal that nonetheless comes across as dimensional. Soleil, Too! is a wild, breathless mix of diamonds, international criminals, stylish romance and a fearless heroine! Soleil’s over-the-top bravado makes Jason Bourne look like a boy scout. Five stars!” — Foreward Reviews


Larry Bonner earned degrees in economics and political science from New York University before launching a lifetime career in the precious metals, diamond, and commodities industries.

Following the international success of his debut novel, Soleil Tangiere, Bonner has followed with the sequel, Soleil, Too! and the soon-to-published Soleil’s Star.

Larry Bonner has one son, and lives with his wife, two dogs, and a parrot somewhere near Miami.

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