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Deadly Invisible Enemies Hunt for Evil (Book 2) by Harold Lea BrownSECRETS HAVE DEADLY CONSEQUENCES, ESPECIALLY IN A DIGITAL WORLD.

What would you do if you—lost everything? Were haunted by demons and hunted by an invisible enemy? Could not trust the FBI or the U.S. Attorney General? Kevin Albright was about to find out.

Kevin Albright is a renowned Internet computer technology security expert, who on the verge of having it all—has lost everything. His world is turned upside down, and the search for answers only leaves more questions and doubts.

The hunt takes him deep into an invisible underworld where he teams up with a woman who shares a common haunting past and a remarkable resemblance to his wife. But she is hiding a secret, a secret that could kill him. He knows the only way to locate and force the killers out into the open is to match their ruthlessness and cunning—and then destroy them, and their network, before the clock runs out and they execute their next deal.

As Kevin closes in on his wife’s killers, he discovers evidence that their next deal is about to be launched. The potential target area—the U.S. east coast, a target area that includes twenty-six nuclear facilities, four liquefied natural gas terminals and major high-density population cities—New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington.

DEADLY INVISIBLE ENEMIES is available from Amazon.


Actors, producers and festival organizers that know him, say he is one of the busiest creative writers they know. Business executives have called him insightful, intellectual and strategic.

In 2014, six of Harold’s screenplays and teleplays have been recognized by more than a dozen festivals and competitions in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Spain, including 2014 El Rey Award Special Jury Prize for Best Miniseries, Barcelona International Film Festival for his thriller miniseries; the 2014 1st Place Award for his environmental drama screenplay, Yosemite International Film Festival; 2014 2nd Rounder at the Austin Film Festival for his racial drama, which also garnered recognition previously at the Harlem International Film Festival NYC; 2014 Best Dialogue Feature Script Award at the Action on Film International Film Festival; 2014 Best Screenplay Award at the Honolulu Film Awards for his family story of loss and redemption; Official Selection Best International Screenplay for his modern day western action/adventure; 2014 Mexico Oaxaca FilmFest; and the 2014 Award of Merit Best Screenplay at the Catalina Film Festival.


Story has always been a part of who Harold Lea Brown is—it is in his blood. In his teens, he told story through music when he played in a rock band. Later he told story through award winning poetry and used story as a way of communicating corporate history and vision as a chief business strategist. He has also published award winning technical articles on information management and technology; holds a number of degrees and professional designations in Management, Information, and Accounting; and attended the Centre for National Security Studies Program at Kingston Military College. His family roots are Norwegian and Finnish, where story is core to passing on history to future generations.

While holding down corporate executive positions, he studied fiction and non-fiction writing, screenwriting, acting, television and film production, taking on opportunities to be on the set of television and movie shoots—all to learn alternative mediums of storytelling. He has appeared as an extra or actor in more than fifteen Canadian, U.S. and international co-productions, commercials, industrial films, made-for–television movies and series, and feature films. He has studied the producer side of the film and television business, and received the Gerri Cook Memorial Award for the Most Promising Producer; and has worked as a contract producer. He believes that story is life well told.

Deadly Invisible Enemies: Hunt for Evil is Harold’s second novel. He is currently developing a television series, writing his third novel and wrapping an international thriller screenplay set in the not too distant future.

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