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One Shade of Black by L.E. GentWhen someone has your face, your name, and is reliving your life down to the smallest detail, including sleeping with your husband, is there still a way for you to find your happily ever after?

Season One – Episode 1

On the way to her weekly counseling session, Michele Black is shocked when she witnesses a woman, who looks exactly like her, jump from a bridge into the icy river below. Michele soon discovers that the woman was using her name, and her face, to steal her husband away from her, so she devises a plan to find out what’s going on; and save her marriage.

SHADE INFINITY unfolds over six books of approximately 150 pages each (20,000 words) with the first five books ending in epic cliffhangers.

ONE SHADE OF BLACK is available from Amazon.


Steve DeWinter is one of the best adventure authors in the world and he works tirelessly to keep up with the growing demand of readers wanting more across multiple genres.

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