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Tourist Trapped by K. J. KlemmeChaos shatters Amanda Sloane’s controlled world when she trades Chicago courtrooms and designer suits for sweat-soaked ventures into the Yucatan to find her missing sister. She searches old haunts and uninhabited lands, and learns to trust no one. Racing against time, Amanda faces death threats, deceptions, and ghosts from her past. Will she escape paradise?

Book One in the Trapped trilogy

Crackerjack divorce attorney Amanda Sloane spends her life defending the soon-to-be-ex-wives of Chicago’s upper crust, but her orderly world crumbles when her estranged father persuades her to help search for the half-sister she’s resented for thirty years.

Amanda drags along computer-geek-turned-attorney Chad Cooper, and together they chase across the Yucatan, pursuing an ever-changing string of leads. The duo encounters treacherous alliances, attacks on their associates, and a deadline for a hefty ransom.

Amanda digs up more than clues when their search collides with the past she believed long buried. Old memories chip away at pretenses, threatening to crush Amanda’s carefully constructed life.

Time is running out. When the bullets start to fly, Amanda and Chad wonder: who will survive Cancun?

TOURIST TRAP is available from Amazon.


K J Klemme, in her first novel attempt, provides a bright spot on the Wisconsin Writers’ scene and won’t disappoint. Her characters are well-drawn, the dialogue crisp — and sometimes funny!– and the storyline one that never lags. — Anne Rud Miller, author of MASHKIKI RAPIDS


Karlie Klemme spends her days supporting software systems with nervous coworkers—all fearing Karlie will kill them off in one of her stories. Decapitate a developer? Asphyxiate an analyst? Maybe maim a manager? When Karlie gazes off in the distance, everyone starts to sweat.

Desperate to use her powers for good, Karlie put pen to paper and wrote the suspense novel, TOURIST TRAPPED. She set the story in Cancun, tapping into her experiences from numerous jaunts to the Yucatan.

When not torturing characters or frolicking in the tropics, Karlie enjoys kayaking, gardening, skiing, and joyrides in her roadster. She lives in Wisconsin with a Westie and a Scottie-mix who allow Karlie to cohabit with them…as long as the treats cupboard remains well stocked.

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