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The Retreat by Anne MorgellynThreatened with suspension from the Metropolitan Police, Inspector Mackie Divine is approached by a member of the intelligence services who asks her to take on under-cover work at a French chateau where there is a residential community and a conference centre, funded by a right-wing group of European financiers. At first, Mackie fails to take their ideas seriously, but when arson attacks and violent clashes between ethnic groups begin occurring all over Europe, she is persuaded by events at the chateau to change her mind.

‘A deep, enthralling thriller’ (Tom Casey)

‘Anne Morgellyn has woven a web so fne! You come into her parlour unawares and the gossamer filigree clings like something secret the spider left to trap his fly. Her story is so vital it could be tomorrow’s headlines….’
(Alistair Kinnon)

‘…couldn’t put it down…assured, powerful in its metaphoric compulsiveness, bleak, disturbing, intelligent… (D.M Thomas)

THE RETREAT is available from Amazon and Amazon UK.


Educated in London and Paris, Anne Morgellyn worked for The British Council in Egypt, for Amnesty International, London, then became a broadcast journalist covering soft new features on Europe and the former USSR. After her move to Cornwall to raise her daughter, she taught visual culture and film at Falmouth College of Arts and Exeter University, where she worked on the English and American Literature BA programme and was a creative writing fellow. She was awarded a European Script Fund writer’s grant for screenwriting in 1989 and was Writer in Residence at Theatre Royal, Plymouth. She won an Arts Council award for her blog on living with cancer.

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