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Day of the Vikings by J.F.PennA ritual murder on a remote island under the shifting skies of the aurora borealis. A staff of power that can summon Ragnarok, the Viking apocalypse.

When Neo-Viking terrorists invade the British Museum in London to reclaim the staff of Skara Brae, ARKANE agent Dr. Morgan Sierra is trapped in the building along with hostages under mortal threat.

As the slaughter begins, Morgan works alongside psychic Blake Daniel to discern the past of the staff, dating back to islands invaded by the Vikings generations ago.

Can Morgan and Blake uncover the truth before Ragnarok is unleashed, consuming all in its wake?

Day of the Vikings is a fast-paced, action adventure thriller set in the British Museum, the British Library and the islands of Orkney, Lindisfarne and Iona. Set in the present day, it resonates with the history and myth of the Vikings.

DAY OF THE VIKINGS is available from Audible, Amazon and iTunes.


J.F.Penn is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the ARKANE thrillers and the London Psychic series. Joanna has a Masters in Theology from the University of Oxford and is passionate about international travel, psychology and the supernatural. She weaves these obsessions into her fast-paced novels.

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