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Cat in a Yellow Spotlight by Carole Nelson DouglasReaders are biting their nails as the popular alphabetic Midnight Louie feline PI mystery series nears its end with this 26th entry. Secret revealed: Douglas plans a final entry to follow the “Z” book, Cat in an Alphabet Endgame. (The series’ first two non-alphabetic titles, Catnap and Pussyfoot, have been reissued in ebook as Cat in an Alphabet Soup and Cat in an Aqua Storm.)

Ground-breaking band Black & White was platinum before it imploded from an overdose of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll years ago. Now, the Las Vegas reunion show revives the old troubles between its two divas, and efforts to sabotage end in murder. Petite PR powerhouse Temple Barr and her faithful feline roommate Midnight Louie, Sam Spade in fur, assisted by the Vegas Cat Pack, must sniff out clues to save the Crystal Phoenix hotel’s reputation and any at-risk lives, including their own. For sleuths and suspects, it all comes down to the black and white lies that destroy hopes, lives, and family.

USA TODAY Bestselling series

“Midnight Louie is the funniest, hairiest, hard-boiled PI on the planet.”—JANET EVANOVICH

“FUN, FROTHY AND CHARMING” —Publishers Weekly

“The always engaging Midnight Louie prowls the alleys of Las Vegas solving crimes and romancing runaways like a furry Sam Spade.”–People

“Nine lives wouldn’t be nearly enough for this dude.”—Publishers Weekly

“glitters and snaps like the town that inspired it.”—NORA ROBERTS

“a finale that’ll run you within a whisker of your ninth life.”—Kirkus

“Never a dull moment.”—Library Journal

“Sophisticated, mainstream, and upmarket.”—CAROLYN NICHOLS

“The most erudite feline ever, Midnight Louie.”—Mostly Murder

“Wild, witty, and utterly irresistible.”—San Francisco Chronicle

CAT IN A YELLOW SPOTLIGHT is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.


Carole Nelson Douglas is the author of the bestselling Feline Noir Midnight Louie mysteries. She penned the New York Times Notable Book of the Year, Good Night, Mr. Holmes, about Irene Adler, and was the first author to take a woman from the Sherlock Canon as a protagonists. She also writes the Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, noir urban fantasies. She specializes in witty, adventurous novels in the mystery/thriller, high and urban fantasy, and romance/women’s fiction genres. She was inducted into the Texas Literary Hall of Fame in 2012 and rescues cats in her spare time.

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