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Black Venom by Dawson HowardThe protagonist Wade Ross is an Australian (part Aboriginal) SAS trained ex soldier working with a secret team of multi national ex Special Forces operatives. They must overcome or eliminate multiple antagonists while trying to locate those responsible for the manufacture of a highly advanced nuclear powered armalite. The story is a thriller that jets from country to country and has the reader guessing and not realising who are the three high powered and influential men responsible.

An overtone mixture of love (Wade and Crystal), cruelty (human sacrifices), deceit (the US Administration), revenge (murder of Wade’s family) and unknown antagonists – keeps the story in a melting pot of intrigue.

‘A gripping and authentic thriller by an exciting new writer.’ – Matt Lynn. (UK author)

‘I enjoyed this book very much. It was fast paced and kept the action and interest going all through. i liked the Australian content as it gave it a slightly different slant without detracting from the global scale.’ Mary Nelson (Amazon review)

‘Move over Captain Jack West Jr, Wade Ross has leapt to the fore as Australia’s most efficient combat / dark ops specialist. A brilliant read that moves along at a cracking pace while providing insight into the amazing Aboriginal culture and the training / capability of the Australian SAS operatives. Can not wait to get my hands on the next Wade Ross escapade.’ Michelle (Amazon review)

‘This is the first time that I know of that an Australian Aboriginal warrior has been cast as a highly skilled and highly trained international secret agent. Dawson has honoured the unique warrior skills of Australia”s Aboriginal people in this high octane international thriller…..a must read!…’Pastor Ray Minniecon. (Amazon review)

BLACK VENOM is available from Amazon.


Dawson Howard born 1959 lives, with his lovely wife, Brisbane Australia. Having served as a teenage soldier he spent most of his working life in the construction industry. Drawing on his military experiences and association with the Australian aboriginals his debut novel introduces Wade Ross. Having completed the second of this series he is now focused on the third of the trilogy and has also started a psychological / action thriller.

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