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A Madras Miasma by Brian StoddartHistorical crime novel set in 1920s British India. Superintendent Chris Le Fanu is a war weary policeman with relationship problems, but sensitive to the new political conditions in India. He heads a crime unit that uses Austrian criminologist Hans Gross’ detection methods, and is unpopular in the force. He and his Muslim assistant Habibullah solve the murder of a visiting Englishwoman, and uncover a drug ring in the process, testing all sorts of local tensions.

A MADRAS MIASMA is available from Amazon.


A MADRAS MIASMA is averaging 4.7 stars on Amazon, and has been reviewed by two major crime fiction sites:


Brian Stoddart now writes crime fiction after writing several non-fiction works on Asian hsiroty, sports history, and memoir. He is a former university president and now international consultant on higher education development in Southeast Asia and the Middle East