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Original Sin by DP LyleSamantha Cody can’t stay away from trouble.

When Sam’s long time friend, Dr. Lucy Wagner finds her career, and even her life in jeopardy, ex-Deputy Sheriff and retired professional boxer Sam rushes to her aide.

Dr. Lucy Wagner was on top of her game, her cardiac surgical practice thriving, and her reputation impeccable at the Remington Medical Center in small-town Tennessee. Even the hospital’s new pediatric cardiac unit had been dedicated to her. But being at the apex of the local medical pyramid garnered her more than a few powerful enemies.

Lucy’s spiral into darkness began when the spiritual founder and leader of a local snake-handling church died on her operating table. Strange fainting spells and nightmarish dreams followed. Those she could handle, almost, but when her post-op patients began exhibiting violent psychotic behaviors, Lucy knew it was time to call in the cavalry.

Samantha Cody’s cop/boxer mind kicks into gear as she leads Lucy on a journey into the past and a confrontation with old and very powerful forces she never knew existed.

ORIGINAL SIN is available from Reputation Books.


Like an ambulance racing to an accident scene, DP Lyle puts the pedal to the floor in his latest medical thriller.
– Linwood Barclay, New York Times bestselling author of A Tap On the Window

In ORIGINAL SIN, the third Samantha Cody thriller, DP Lyle crafts a compelling story that finds Sam once again in a snake pit of intrigue and danger. This time a literal snake pit. Like the others in this series, complex characters, unexpected plot twists, and more than a dash of humor drive the story. Not to be missed.
– David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of Murder As A Fine Art

From the moment you begin reading Original Sin by D.P. Lyle, M.D., you’ll know you’re in the hands of a master of the medical thriller. Disorienting and riveting, Original Sin finds retired police officer Sam Cody embroiled in a series of puzzling homicides in which heart surgery patients turn into killers – but then, sometimes modern medicine is so high-tech it can seem almost supernatural. Bristling with rich detail and smart repartee, Original Sin is indeed an original. You don’t want to miss it.
– Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Spies

When it comes to heart-stopping suspense, heart-breaking emotion, and cold-hearted terror, nobody can top DP Lyle…and this is the thriller that proves it. When a heart surgeon operates on a snake-charming preacher, she does more than cut open his flesh with her scalpel… she reveals a dark secret and unleashes a deadly power that could kill her unless ex-cop Samantha Cody can help her get to the truth.
– Lee Goldberg, Edgar nominated author of the Monk mysteries and co-author with Janet Evanovich of The Chase

In Original Sin, Doug Lyle does a masterful job of weaving magic and medicine, spinning a suspenseful tale of faith, family and murder.
– Joel Goldman, best-selling author of Chasing The Dead

DP Lyle’s gripping, un-put-downable Samantha Cody thriller, Original Sin takes us on the terrifying, unexpected journey of Sam’s friend, surgeon Lucy Wagner into a dark-side she never knew she had, from her sudden descent into near-madness, her patients’ baffling identical nightmares, to murders and wild mysticism – to truly bizarre discoveries about her own heritage – to a massively weird – and lethal – religious cult. With Sam’s help and encouragement, Lucy fights her way to an almost unimaginably scary bottom in order to rediscover daylight – and an explanation for everything. Well, almost everything…
– Thomas B. Sawyer, Bestselling author of Cross Purposes, Head Writer/Showrunner of Murder, She Wrote

Doug Lyle has hit another home run with ORIGINAL SIN. Samantha Cody is back and better than ever. A compelling story and intriguing cast of characters make this thriller one that you do not want to miss. I can’t wait for the next one.
– Harry Hunsicker, author of SHADOW BOYS and former executive Vice President of the Mystery Writers of America

D.P. Lyle has given us a winner with an intricate tale involving a small town in the South, a church with a deadly secret, a troubled surgeon, and a chilling deception spanning decades. Original Sin flows as smooth and satisfying as the finest Tennessee Whiskey.
– Philip Donlay, acclaimed author of the Donovan Nash series of thrillers

D.P. Lyle is a master at weaving forensic details into a riveting story. With tight writing and an intriguing premise, Original Sin explores the roots of evil in a penetrating, suspenseful way.
— Steven James, national bestselling author of The King and Singularity

D.P. Lyle writes with precision, pulling in the reader page by page with fantastic characters and gripping suspense. Original Sin is thoroughly thrilling and entertaining.
– Allison Brennan, NYT bestselling author

Retired Detective Samantha Cody returns to face her greatest challenge in D.P. Lyle’s superb new thriller, Original Sin. Cody is called upon to help her heart surgeon friend, Lucy Wagner, whose professional and personal lives turn chaotic after she operates on a snake-charming evangelist. Deftly plotted and expertly executed, Lyle is at the top of his game in a heart-pounding thriller. Sam Cody is a protagonist worth rooting for. Find a comfortable chair and plan to stay up late. Highly recommended.
— Sheldon Siegel. New York Times Best Selling Author of the Mike Daley/Rosie Fernandez Legal Thrillers.

Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you’re wrong. Seamless, fast-paced, and lit with vivid characters, Original Sin is yet another DP Lyle novel where it’s not the bullet you’re watching for that gets you.
— Kirk Russell, author of the John Marquez series


D. P. Lyle is the Macavity and Benjamin Franklin Silver Award winning and Edgar, Agatha, Anthony, Scribe, and USA Best Book Award nominated author of many non-fiction books (MURDER & MAYHEM; FORENSICS FOR DUMMIES; FORENSICS & FICTION; MORE FORENSICS & FICTION; HOWDUNNIT: FORENSICS; and ABA FUNDAMENTALS: UNDERSTANDING FORENSIC SCIENCE) as well as numerous works of fiction, including the Samantha Cody thriller series (DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND, DOUBLE BLIND, and ORIGINAL SIN); the Dub Walker Thriller series (STRESS FRACTURE; HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL, and RUN TO GROUND); and the Royal Pains media tie-in novels (ROYAL PAINS: FIRST, DO NO HARM and ROYAL PAINS: SICK RICH). His essay on Jules Verne’s THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND appears in THRILLERS: 100 MUST READS and his short story “Even Steven” in ITW’s anthology THRILLER 3: LOVE IS MURDER.

Along with Jan Burke, he is the co-host of Crime and Science Radio. He has worked with many novelists and with the writers of popular television shows such as Law & Order, CSI: Miami, Diagnosis Murder, Monk, Judging Amy, Peacemakers, Cold Case, House, Medium, Women’s Murder Club, 1-800-Missing, The Glades, and Pretty Little Liars.

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