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Nobody Wins by Michael HaskinsThe 8th in the Mick Murphy Key West Mystery series finds Murphy on a quest to locate his cousin Cecil Fahey, an old IRA gunman turned bartender in the USA. Murphy leaves tranquil Key West, Florida, first to Los Angels, where Cecil last worked only to run into the local IRA boss who delivers strange predictions. It’s the beginning of a chase along the East Coast to NJ, more IRA members, SAS British soldiers, identity changes and a night flight to Dublin. Murphy’s quest soon turns into a life-and-death struggle as he looks for Cecil and tries to avoid MI6 and SAS gunmen.

“I just finished this book, and I could not put it down. Michael has a wonderful way of making you feel the location; so beginning and ending in Key West is fine, but this journey was amazing. I had only driven through New Jersey so the action was ongoing, but I only got a laugh from the jabs to the Governor. BUT then he takes us to Ireland! I had walked those same streets and loved to be reminded of that lovely area. I was only sad that I missed the special Tea Shoppe. Lots of family, feud,and mayhem. Enjoyed how U.S. and British Intelligence had to play their games. I was blown away by the final chapters, but really see a hope for a rebuilding of life and love in the future. Thanks for a great ride.”

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“Nobody Wins is Mick Murphy at his best. As usual he is pulled into a couple of different mysteries that wind up being tied together in an almost obscure way at the end. They are always entertaining, and I gotta say, I can’t wait to read the next exciting chapter in Mick Murphy’s troubled Irish life!”


Michael Haskins is a journalist who has lived in Key West for 20 years. He came to the island to be the daily paper’s business editor/writer and left five years later to be the city’s public information officer. To he’s a stringer for Reuters New Service in Miami and writers for The Key West Weekly newspaper. He is currently researching his 9th Mick Murphy Key West Mystery and expects to have it finished early 2015.