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theloweranimalsIn this prequel to the novel MALEDICTION, folklore professor Sam West and his young assistant Gillian Keffler discover that there may be more truth than fiction to the urban legend of a race of lizard people living beneath the streets of Los Angeles. “The Lower Animals” originally appeared in the Bram Stoker Award-nominated collection MONSTERS OF L.A. under the title “The Urban Legend”.

“…’The Urban Legend’ was simply brilliant. It took the legend of a race of lizard people living beneath the city and brought it to life through character and story. It was a brilliant example of this author’s work, work that I would love to read more of at some point in time.” – Wordsmithonia

THE LOWER ANIMALS is available from Amazon.


Lisa Morton is a screenwriter, author of non-fiction books, award-winning prose writer, and Halloween expert whose work was described by the American Library Association’s READERS’ ADVISORY GUIDE TO HORROR as “consistently dark, unsettling, and frightening”. She began her career in Hollywood, co-writing the cult favorite MEET THE HOLLOWHEADS (on which she also served as Associate Producer), but soon made a successful transition into writing short works of horror. After appearing in dozens of anthologies and magazines, including THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF DRACULA, DARK DELICACIES, THE MUSEUM OF HORRORS, and CEMETERY DANCE Magazine, in 2010 her first novel, THE CASTLE OF LOS ANGELES, was published to critical acclaim, appearing on numerous “Best of the Year” lists. Her book THE HALLOWEEN ENCYCLOPEDIA (now in an expanded second edition) was described by REFERENCE & RESEARCH BOOK NEWS as “the most complete reference to the holiday available,” and Lisa has been interviewed on The History Channel and in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL as a Halloween authority. She is a six-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award®, a recipient of the Black Quill Award, and winner of the 2012 Grand Prize from the Halloween Book Festival. A lifelong Californian, she lives in North Hollywood, and can be found online at