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Kissing the Man Next Door CoverHairstylist Mackenzie Reese is feeling fabulous and free! Her teenage son has gone cross-country to live with her ex, so Mackenzie’s got a new lease on life–no men, no kids, no problem! Then sexy disc jockey Ian Kelly moves in next door…and it’s more than just the barbecue that heats up.

Ian moved to Vermont for a job and his own type of freedom. But he hadn’t counted on a beautiful, sassy neighbor to stir his deep, delicious longings. And when Ian finally crosses Mackenzie’s threshold…it’s more than just sugar he wants.

But unexpected drama threatens to rain on this block party. (Doesn’t it always?) No matter. All Ian can say is there goes the neighborhood…and his heart.

KISSING THE MAN NEXT DOOR is available from Amazon and Audible.


“An excellent read by Devon Vaughn Archer. The relationship between the main characters is very realistic and relatable. The characters are also very well developed which helps to make the overall story more enjoyable.” — Urban Reviews

“The triangle makes for an interesting contemporary romance…. Fans will enjoy Mackenzie’s heart breaking dilemma between KISSING THE MAN NEXT DOOR and dumping the man next door.” — Harriet Klausner, Book Reviewer

“Kissing the Man Next Door” was a cute, charming yet predictable read. Recommend to any lover of romance.” — OOSA Online Book Club

“This book was a pleasant surprise! I am really not into romance novels but this had enough other issues going on to keep my interest and the love story was very sweet. Good book!” — Amazon Book Reviewer


Devon Vaughn Archer is the author of bestselling relationship, contemporary romance, and suspense thriller fiction. These include BET ON LOVE, TO FIND THAT LOVE AGAIN, ALOHA FANTASY, PLEASURE IN HAWAII, PRIVATE LUAU, DANGER AT EVERY TURN, THE HITMAN’S WOMAN, and holiday classics, CHRISTMAS HEAT and CHRISTMAS DIAMONDS.

The author has also written several bestselling young adult novels, including HER TEEN DREAM, HIS TEEN DREAM, and SUMMER HEARTBREAK.

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