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COVER Anonymous SourcesAn intriguing thriller from a former NPR correspondent about a young reporter who must match wits with spies, assassins and a terrorist sleeper cell targeting the very heart of American power.

“NPR and BBC reporter Kelly’s debut thriller about a terrorist sleeper cell with its sights on American annihilation rings eerily prescient in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Kelly’s years as a political writer and intelligence correspondent covering wars, terrorism and nuclear powers have served her well, and she portrays James with authority in a smart, fun voice that will stir lust and envy among readers.” — Publishers Weekly

ANONYMOUS SOURCES is available from Amazon.


“Mary Louise Kelly blends the worlds she knows so well–Harvard, Cambridge, Washington, the news room and the American intelligence community–into a fast paced thriller that is hard to put down. The atmosphere rings true on every page.” –General Michael Hayden (Ret.), former Director of the CIA


Mary Louise Kelly is a guest host for NPR’s news and talk programs, including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, and Weekend Edition Saturday. A Georgia native, her first job as a local political reporter at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution began her journalism career. In 1996, she made the leap to broadcasting and her assignments have taken her around the world: to the Afghan-Pakistan border, to mosques in Hamburg, to refugee camps during the Kosovo conflict, to the peace talks that ended decades of violence in Northern Ireland, and to the Iraqi desert. She is a Harvard graduate and has a master’s degree from Cambridge University in England. Currently, Kelly teaches national security and journalism classes at Georgetown University.

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