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9781619780064Can a simple phone call change who you are?

On the same day that Alexander Chase is released from prison, he is approached by a secret organization with a simple request. Pose as an FBI agent and retrieve a cell phone from a small town police station.

He quickly finds himself alone and on the run while trying to destroy the technology that can convert anyone, anywhere, into a highly-skilled assassin.

The Warrior’s Code is the second book in the action-packed Peacekeepers X-Alpha thriller series, and marks Steve DeWinter’s return to the genre two years after his underground bestseller, Inherit the Throne, thrilled readers worldwide.

THE WARRIOR’S CODE is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.


Steve DeWinter is an American born action-adventure thriller author who also writes science-fiction under the name S.D. Stuart and supernatural thrillers under the name J.D. Pierce.