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TheTestamentofCharlieFairweather72dpiMore than a decade ago. out of panic and in self defense, Charlie Fairweather killed a voodoo priestess, deep in a southern swamp. Today, plagued by guilt and haunted by her dying curse, he has returned to the scene of the crime in at attempt at atonement. What he doesn’t know is that someone else has been looking for him; and that something else has been waiting for him.

Download directly from Gypsy Shadow Publishing, LLC (, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite online vendor. Note: the story is told in epistolary form, with Charlie’s typed testament in a typewriter’s Courier font and the second narrator’s inTimes New Roman. Amazon has standardized both in the same font format, making transitions from one narrator to the other confusing. If your reader accepts pdf files, Gypsy Shadow can send a download.


For Catamount (2013): “An intelligently written horror tale that combines Native American folklore with modern academia in a satisfying story where predator and prey are not readily apparent.”

For The Bridge Between Worlds (2011): “Heroic characters, flesh-eating monsters, alternative universes, and even a love story worth rooting for … Mr. DeBock has a flair for writing characters that come to life, creating fantastic new worlds, and terrorizing the reader with horrifying creatures that keep you up at night.”

Morgen (2011) was nominated for best short story/horror in Preditors and Editors Online Readers Poll.


eBock is a Marine Corps veteran who served in the Presidential Honor Guard during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations. A private pilot and former liveaboard boater, his non-fiction has appeared in American Heritage, AOPA Pilot, and Living Aboard magazines. He wrote the text for a coffee-table book titled The Art of H. Hargrove and writes the artist’s quarterly newsletter. His novel, The Pentacle Pendant, in which a contemporary werewolf becomes a one-woman star chamber, is currently in print. He and his wife Joy live in Hershey, PA.

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