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commandmentTHE COMMANDMENT is the pilot to an original, dramatic television series. This is the first episode of the completed first season. The second episode, titled KARMA SUCKS, is being prepared for release in early November, 2013. The story revolves around the black and white simplicity of living life through the Ten Commandments, the original rules, provided to men by God. Mankind’s response, the Criminal Justice system, is a poor copy, all too often treating the criminals as victims, letting them walk away with no consequences for their crimes, and the victims receive little or no justice.

Savannah, GA. Robert Lee St.John, an alleged pedophile serial killer, is on trial for the alleged murder of a third victim. All three victims are 5 year-old boys, abducted, raped, and drowned in the Savannah River. Evidence agaisnt Bob Lee for the first two cases is circumstantial, and inadmissable. A witness is threatened; at trial she blurts out the truth about Bob Lee and the first two killings. A mistrial is declared immediately, a new trial ordered, and Bob Lee walks, free on bond. The justice fails once again. Bob Lee plans to jump bail, but not before one more horrible act, a final killing, one more innocent victim. But someone folks belive in the Commandments, and in their simplicity, and someone has been watching. Bob Lee suddenly disappears; proof of his terrible intent is given to the police. Justice does prevail. Do the crime, pay the price. A simple set of rules, and the watcher promises more of the same.

THE COMMANDMENT is available from Amazon.

The pilot script is available on Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple, Kobo, Diesel, Oyster, Flipkart, as well as through Baker & Taylor.


Jim Silver is a twice-published author through Simon & Schuster, with the titles ASSUMPTION OF RISK and KILL ZONE. He has partnered with two time Emmy winner, producer, director Joe Ann Fogle in the creation of this new, original television series. together they have also completed half a dozen other feature film-length screenplays. Jim is currently working on several novel-length projects; with Joe Ann they are developing additional television and film projects.