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Taurus Moon Magic &amp_ Mayhem cover B&amp_NMorgana le Fay has ruled with coldhearted brutality in a realm as much a prison as it is her dominion. She joins forces with a ruthless Lycan king in hopes of returning to Earth, determined to destroy King Arthur’s legacy.

Gully’s magic has been intensifying at an incredible rate for months. Taurus Moon wants to find out why. The pair travels overseas in search of a supernatural relic that may help. Instead of finding answers, they wind up saving the lives of a family of three from two vicious Lycans: Grimes and his daughter, Darla. The unplanned rescue propels them on an adventure where technology is nonexistence and magic is supreme. They journey through treacherous lands marred by the sorceress’ dark magic looking for a way home.

The sudden arrival of Moon and Gully to her realm presents Morgana with an opportunity she cannot ignore—a chance to go home. She will stop at nothing to obtain her freedom.

TAURUS MOON is available from Amazon.


D K Gaston is the author of thrillers, mysteries, and speculative fiction. His titles include: XIII, Lost Hours, The Friday House, Darkest Hours, The Promise, Juju Man, Crossroads: an Anthology, PANTHEON: Escape, and Taurus Moon: Relic Hunter.

He currently resides in Michigan where he is currently writing his next novel.

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