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TattoosandTangles_w8257_750After years of heartache, Cass is ready to begin a new life. She’s free of the man who brought her financial and emotional ruin, and she’s healing from the loss of her sister. But she never thought her new life would begin with a tattooed stranger who turns her world upside down.

For six months, John’s been living only to find his brother’s murderer, and he’s getting close. He won’t let anything or anyone get in his way. Until a beautiful woman walks out of a tattoo parlor and straight into the sights of his most-hated rival.

When John rescues Cass from a near kidnapping, the attraction between them is as immediate as it is surprising. John will do anything to keep Cass safe, but as they run for their lives, they discover that what’s in their past connects them as surely as the danger closing in on them.

TATTOOS AND TANGLES is available from Amazon.


Amazon reviewers:

It’s a fast pace novel with suspense that has you guessing thru the whole book! – Carrie

Just when I thought I knew where the story was going another twist was thrown at me. This story had me literally glued to my seat until I finished it. – Phil

It left me on the edge of my seat. With each page, I needed to know what happened next, and every twist and turn was unexpected. – Sharon

This fast-paced gritty story kept me reading right until the end. – Cindy

I think the author did an amazing job of keeping the fear alive and the suspense at an all-time high. – Roben

All I can say is buckle up for this ride. This is a fast-paced thriller with enough chemistry to make the pages sizzle in all the right places. – Barb

Generally I only read well-known authors for the sophisticated writing, and this new author Melinda Di Lorenzo is clearly heading that way as her dialogue, pacing, suspenseful writing and the heat filled romance are right on point. – Shelley

I stayed up until 2am reading Tattoos and Tangles. It’s my first ebook and Melinda has me hooked!
– Patricia


Melinda A. Di Lorenzo loves her family, loves reading and writing, and is a sucker for a happily-ever-after.  When she’s not occupied by dodging laundry and housework, she’s seeking thrills in the form of nail-baiting novels and mouth-watering heroes.

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