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New York Police detective Dave Strauss is haunted by the one case he couldn’t solve. A schoolgirl vanished off the streets of Brooklyn, with only a trail of blood and a series of untraceable phone calls from “the Groom” hinting at her fate. Now the cold dark night has engulfed another young girl–but this time she is part of Dave’s family. He and his wife, Susan, know fourteen-year-old Lisa has not run away, and they know her disappearance is not just a tragic coincidence. And once the first phone call comes, they know she’s not alone.

ONE COLD NIGHT is available from Amazon.


“Jam-packed with heart stopping suspense, One Cold Night is a book not to be missed.” -BookFetish

“Hits all the right notes with intelligence and compassion in this very taut tale of past mistakes and ruined souls…we can see an author who has much more to offer than the standard suspense…leaving the reader eagerly looking forward to the next.” -New Mystery Reader

“One Cold Night is one of those fast-paced weekend reads, with some wonderful law enforcement characters…a great common-man deconstruction of Nabokov’s LOLITA, and—at its core—a heart that cares about the people within its pages.” -Bookgasm


Katia Lief is the author of several internationally bestselling crime novels.  Her latest is THE MONEY KILL, the fourth installment of her Karin Schaeffer series, published in 2013 by HarperCollins.  She teaches fiction writing at The New School in Manhattan and lives with her family in Brooklyn.