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dragonRuby witnesses her uncle’s murder by a supernatural weapon. On his dying breath, he utters the name of the man who must have sent it. But Cyntag is far more than a mere man. Dangerous, sexy, and Dragon, he’s the only one who can keep her alive in a hidden world of dark magick, deadly power, and hot passion.


“What a fantabulously brilliant and unique world Jaime Rush has created in The Hidden. I am a HUGE fan of her Offspring series and have been chomping at the bit for Dragon Mine, the prequel novella for her new series.” — SMASH ATTACK READS – Mel Thomas

“A passionate, spellbinding dragon tale.” – NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Pamela Palmer for DRAGON AWAKENED.


Jaime RushThings that go bump in the night have always fascinated Jaime Rush. Sometimes those things are human; other times, not so much. Her new Hidden series reveals humans with the essence of gods who walk the knife’s edge between Miami and a magical world of passion and danger. Part dragon, angel, or sorcerer, they must fight their own kind, demons, and the lure of their darkest nature.

Jaime is the author of the award-winning Offspring series and writes romantic suspense (The Justiss Alliance series) as Tina Wainscott. She has published twenty-eight novels and five novellas. Sneak peeks on her website.