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pen name kindleBEN MADE A BAD DEAL

Ben Little is broke, jobless, and failing at his one true passion in life: writing. He can’t even afford medical treatments for his ailing son.

When bestselling novelist Jack Fleischer takes an interest in him as a co-author, Ben thinks he has found his big break. But he quickly learns that working with Fleischer is no dream job. The bestseller is demanding, angry, and cruel.


Since signing the contract with Fleischer’s publisher, Ben is being followed by shadowy agents. His wife is accusing him of things he doesn’t remember doing, and the contract is full of bizarre terms. Like dangerous research trips that involve binge drinking, torture, and worse. Writing has become nearly impossible, and if Ben breaches the contract, he’ll lose everything.

But Ben is not about to surrender to Fleischer. He is willing to do anything in his power to save his family, and his life.

THE PEN NAME is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.


“A fascinating thriller. It’s the book I wish I had written.”
–Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of DEAD CITY and INHERITANCE

“A writer’s dream becomes his worst nightmare … THE PEN NAME is a sadistic thriller with a slow-burning fuse.”
–Craig DiLouie, author of THE KILLING FLOOR

“One of the best genre novels I’ve read in years. I’m truly impressed by the scope, by the pace, by Ben’s journey.”
–Bobbie Metevier, co-editor of BEST NEW TALES OF THE APOCALYPSE

“I simply loved it. Brilliant work … a true pleasure to read.”
–Evan Roy, Bricks of the Dead

“A choice little nugget of ‘devil’s-bargain’ thriller fiction…”
–Christian Baskous, actor, writer and producer


David Jacob Knight has written under many pseudonyms during his writing career, each with their own rich backstory and fake lives. He has endured great hardship with a past publisher, and this experience–along with the difficulties of maintaining multiple personas–has shaped the narrative of his first book, THE PEN NAME. You can interact with DJK on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Jacob Kier and D.L. Snell are the writing team behind David Jacob Knight. They consider themselves ghostwriters, not because it’s an accurate term for what they do, but because it sounds cooler than co-authors. Kier is the founder of Permuted Press, and Snell is a critically acclaimed author from the Pacific Northwest. Learn more at their websites, and