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taskforceMarliss Melton is pleased to announce the release of all three Taskforce Series novels in one boxed set (available in all e-book formats, no paperback). This specially priced box set lets you enjoy all the excitement, all the passion, all the danger of Marliss Melton’s Inter-Agency Counterterrorism Taskforce, from finding its leader to carrying out its most thrilling missions.

In THE PROTECTOR, we meet Ike Calhoun, who will head up the Inter-Agency Counterterrorism Taskforce, designed specifically to identify and disrupt terrorist acts being planned and executed near the nation’s capital. But it’s going to take a strong, patient woman to turn a bitter recluse into a man capable of leading government special agents who become heroes of their own books, THE GUARDIAN and THE ENFORCER.

In THE PROTECTOR, former Navy SEAL Ike Calhoun steps reluctantly out of hiding to protect his former commander’s adult daughter. In reprisal for her father’s actions in Afghanistan, high-school teacher Eryn McClellan has been targeted by an extremist determined to cut off her head. While the FBI uses Eryn as bait, Ike whisks her away from their safe house and stows her in his own remote hideaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There, the graceful and gentle Eryn shatters Ike’s self-imposed solitude and unsettles his equilibrium, while stealing his heart. With the FBI hot on their heels and the terrorists not far behind, Ike willingly wages a one-man war in defense of the woman whose passion and faith have given him the strength to rise above his tortured past.

In THE GUARDIAN, Ike’s Taskforce sends Special Agent Jackson Maddox to pose as an ex-convict in a suspicious reintegration program. When a beautiful journalist snaps Jackson’s picture, he attempts to chase her away before she can jeopardize his deep cover. But journalist Magdalena Alexandra has an agenda of her own—to send her sister’s killer back to jail, this time, forever. As the nights heat up and peril looms, Jackson and Lena must unite forces, sharing secrets too important to keep, too dangerous to tell, in order to thwart an uprising so large, it could turn the entire nation inside out.

In THE ENFORCER, Ike’s Taskforce places ATF Special Agent Tobias Burke undercover with his bomb-sniffing dog to help incriminate a West Virginia militia leader suspected of bombing the defense secretary’s car. Toby is prepared to play the role of a disgruntled veteran and to seduce former lieutenant Dylan Connelly out of all her devious, revolutionary secrets, if that’s what it takes to prove her guilt. But fiery-haired Dylan is unlike any woman Toby has ever encountered. As his investigation deepens, Toby comes to suspect that Dylan and her militia are being framed. Or is he just fooling himself in a desperate bid to protect the woman who has captured his heart?

Priced at only $9.99, readers save over $8 over what you would pay for each individual book. Makes a great Christmas gift! Visit for more information. 

TASKFORCE is available from Amazon and Smashwords.


“A fantastic hero and a top notch suspense make for a fast and thrilling romance.  This was a quick and easy read…” -Bookaholics Romance Book Club about THE PROTECTOR.

“If a reader is looking for grass-roots realism, that’s what they’ll find in this well-written tale, steeped in the hardships of those who have experienced the horrors of war. THE ENFORCER is in a league of its own.” –InD’tale Magazine


Marliss Melton is the author of nine gripping, counterterrorist/romantic suspense novels, including a 7-book Navy SEALs series and continuing with “The Taskforce Series.” She relies on her experience as a military spouse and on her many contacts in the Spec Ops and Intelligence communities to pen realistic and heartfelt stories about America’s most elite warriors and fearless agency heroes. Daughter of a U.S. foreign officer, Melton grew up in various countries overseas. She has taught English, Spanish, ESL, and Linguistics at the College of William and Mary, her alma mater. She lives near Virginia Beach with her husband, young daughter, and four college-aged children. Be sure to “friend” Marliss on Facebook! Visit for more information.