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Mirage by Clive Cussler
In October 1943, a U.S. destroyer sailed out of Philadelphia and supposedly vanished, the result of a Navy experiment with electromagnetic radiation. The story was considered a hoax—but now Juan Cabrillo and his Oregon colleagues aren’t so sure.

There is talk of a new weapon soon to be auctioned, something very dangerous to America’s interests, and the rumors link it to the great inventor Nikola Tesla, who was working with the Navy when he died in 1943. Was he responsible for the experiment? Are his notes in the hands of enemies? As Cabrillo races to find the truth, he discovers there is even more at stake than he could have imagined—but by the time he realizes it, he may already be too late.


“In this rousing ninth Oregon Files adventure (after 2011’s THE JUNGLE) from bestseller Cussler and Du Brul, series hero Juan Cabrillo’s attempt to rescue old pal Yuri Borodin from a super-max Siberian prison goes bad. Yuri dies after uttering “Tesla,” a reference to Nikola Tesla, the mysterious Serb who invented alternating-current electricity and who is alleged to have developed a number of secret weapons, including a death ray, an earthquake machine, and an invisibility field. Russian fleet admiral Pytor Kenin, “perhaps the second-most corrupt man on the planet,” has formed a private army and is using Tesla’s secret technology for nefarious purposes. A subplot involves an effort to secure a legendary shipping container with a billion dollars leftover from the second invasion of Iraq, but soon everyone is back to the main mission—trying to thwart Kenin. The conclusion is the usual Cussler nail-biter, though no one ever really expects Juan and his crew to come in second-best.” –PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Rumor says that a weapon out there somewhere can obliterate American aircraft carriers—just as U.S. Navy experiments with electromagnetic radiation reputedly obliterated a U.S. destroyer in 1943. Could the new weapon be linked to the work of Nikola Tesla, and what is Juan Cabrillo doing about it? Cussler launched his career 40 years ago with The Mediterranean Caper, which appears in hardcover this summer for the first time.” –LIBRARY JOURNAL


clivecusslerClive Eric Cussler is an American adventure novelist and marine archaeologist. His thriller novels, many featuring the character Dirk Pitt, have reached THE NEW YORK TIMES fiction best-seller list more than 20 times.

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