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havanaOn the eve of the Cuban Revolution, headstrong 18-year-old Francesca Pacelli flees from her ruthless Mafia-boss father in Havana to the arms of her lover, a rebel fighting with Fidel Castro. Her father, desperate to send her to safety in the US, resorts to torture and blackmail as he searches the island for her.

So begins the first part of a spellbinding saga that spans three generations of the same family. Decades later, the family is lured back to Cuba by the promise of untold riches. But pursuing those riches brings danger as well as opportunity, and ultimately, Francesca’s family must confront the lethal consequences of their choices. From the troubled streets of Havana to the mean streets of Chicago, HAVANA LOST reveals the true cost of chasing power instead of love.

HAVANA LOST is award-winning author Libby Fischer Hellmann’s tenth novel and third thriller that explores how strife and revolution affect the human spirit.

HAVANA LOST is a testament to Hellmann’s gift for authentic historical detail as well as her talent for writing compulsively readable thrillers.

HAVANA LOST is available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.


“A riveting historical thriller… this multi-generational page-turner is packed with intrigue and shocking plot twists…” Booklist

“A many layered adventure… smart writing done in accomplished style by an author who never talks down to her readers.” Mystery Scene Magazine

“Hellmann’s writing has matured… her plotting is more solid and assured… her characters more realistic…her settings wonderfully described. This is a fine, extremely well-told story.” Deadly Pleasures

“Libby Fischer Hellmann is already an icon of the Chicago mystery scene. (Now) she heads in a bold new direction and masterfully evokes a Cuba past and present in a heartrending tale…” Sean Chercover, THE TRINITY GAME

“Libby Hellmann is a master at crafting an engrossing read. HAVANA LOST is exceptional… keeps you turning pages ’til the last.” Heather Graham, NY Times Best-selling author Krewe of Hunter series

“Libby Hellmann offers a literary tour de force…  lush with the details of another place and time–and full of lovers whose stars are tragically crossed with cold-war politics.  The writing will take your breath away.” William Kent Krueger, NY Times author of ORDINARY GRACE & Cork O’Connor series


Libby Fischer Hellmann is the author of 10 compulsively readable thrillers, including the Ellie Foreman and Georgia Davis series, as well as the stand-alones SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE, A BITTER VEIL, and HAVANA LOST. She also writes short stories and novellas. Libby lives in Chicago and claims they’ll take her out of there feet first.

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