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rocketal Qaeda has dirty bombs. Lots of them.
WAR has soldiers. Lots of them.
When they get together, there’ll be trouble. Lots of it.

An al Qaeda team gains access to a huge supply of radioactive cesium and plans a deadly July 4th fireworks display over 12 American cities.

America’s national security forces focus on al Qaeda, while their allies, the soldiers of the White Aryan Resistance. are free to pursue the cataclysmic scheme. Cal Bellotta, a terror expert, and Ray Nassiri, an American Muslim and government computer genius, form a partnership that frustrates and inspires the national security apparatus as they peel away the layers of deception.

The chase is on, and as Cal and Ray close in, the terrorists lash out, and now there are just three bombs left and only hours until they explode. In Montana, WAR is holed up in its fortified compound. In Venezuela, al Qaeda is hiding out. In Washington, everyone is searching desperately for the bombs.

Now it’s up to Cal and Ray to stop Independence Day from becoming Doomsday.

THE ROCKETS’ RED GLARE is available from Amazon.

“Too real and too scary might best describe The Rockets’ Red Glare. This is not an entertainment-only light thriller, but a gritty, real word portrayal of how the unspeakable could be accomplished by terrorists in the homeland. Too real and too scary, because it’s a virtual how-to manual for terrorists. But also too real and too scary because it’s simply a great read that never once slips out of suspended disbelief.”
Derek Armstrong – Reviewer,

“The best and most realistic portrayal of a terrorist dirty bomb attack I’ve ever seen.” Al Goodwyn, Certified Health Physicist

“Believable, frightening, and almost all-to-real, the book is a must read for anyone who cares about the future in an uncertain world.” David John Smith, Founder – Norway Communicates

“… a labyrinth of suspense, crisply plotted and paced, with throat-grabbing twists. Not to be missed.” Joe Moore, #1 Amazon & International Best-selling author

“A riveting and realistic thriller that will be a wake-up call to those who have become complacent since 9/11.” James Monde, Director – Homeland Security & Defense, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“An awesome story told in a way that grips the reader and keeps them connected until the final page.” Jeff Walker, USA President – International Association of Emergency Managers

“Darrin and Gresalfi have woven together a facts-based thriller that sends shivers down the spines of those who work diligently every day to ensure just these types of events don’t happen.” Kevin Kraus – Counter Terrorism Operations Support, National Nuclear Security Agency

“A story ‘ripped from the headlines’ in a prescient potential current events political thriller.” Chris Hodgson – Amazon Reviewer


John Darrin has worked in the nuclear industry for 40 years, initially as a radiation health and safety professional, and most recently as a consultant for companies focused on nuclear and radiological disasters and homeland security. He has worked on such unique projects as the first-ever decommissioning of a radiological research laboratory, the decommissioning of several nuclear reactors, the recovery after the Three Mile Island accident, the design and manufacture of radiation monitors for First Responders, and even on the treatment of nuclear weapons waste in China. This work has taken him all over the world, from China to Finland, from Central America to Canada, providing a wealth of experience and information that is reflected in his writings. John’s first novel, The Law of the Pack, won an international Best First Novel contest, and was followed in 2009 by Screenshot, a best-selling techno-thriller about pay-per-view Internet assassinations. In addition to his writing, John continues to consult on radiological emergency preparedness and response, and participates in professional groups planning for such incidents.

Dr. Michael Gresalfi has more than 30 years of proven expertise in leading both national-level strategic policy and planning initiatives. He has substantive experience advising senior decision-makers, including Federal agency senior executives and corporate leadership. Over the last four years, while collaborating on the development of this book, Dr. Gresalfi was a contractor for the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Lab. Since 9-11, he has provided significant operational and planning support to a wide range of offices and clients within the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, as well as within both the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which are agency-level components of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. His focus remains on strengthening our national capacity to prevent, protect and respond to weapons of mass destruction threats and attacks upon our Homeland by terrorist groups and rogue nations. He received his Ph.D. in Public Policy from George Washington University, in Washington, DC.