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Tallent & Lowery THC_Final Online (2)
With their second battle behind them, Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery find themselves still knee-deep in hell. What should’ve ended with a celebration of passion wrapped in each others’ arms becomes a nightmare once more, as a mysterious man demands Leah to return home, or else her beloved father will be found at the bottom of the sea.This time out, the courageous duo has only seven days to travel to Athens where the original ‘Hero’s Companion’ awaits. From the stage atop the Acropolis where the most brilliant minds once performed to the discovery of a location that was never even proven to exist, ‘Great Mysteries’ come to life as Leah and Gareth work against time in order to stop a man from attaining the power he so desperately wants.

But as she stands by the side of her own courageous warrior, Leah will soon find out that she’s in the crossfire of her own father’s secrets; a life of lies that’s far more frightening than anything she and Gareth have faced in the past.


“I was shocked – drawn into the world of intrigue and had to remind myself to breathe. And THAT was page one.” –J.M. LeDuc, author of CORNERSTONE

If you are a fan of quests, conspiracy theories, Greek mythology, Shakespeare, and the royal court Sapphire Storm will quickly draw you in. Lignor skillfully weaves famous historical figures, Christianity, and secret societies into this fast-paced quest keeping you riveted. –CAFFEINATED BOOK REVIEWER


As the daughter of a career librarian Amy grew up loving books; Patience & Fortitude at the NYPL are still her heroes. Beginning in the genre of historical romance with, THE HEART OF A LEGEND Amy moved into the YA world where her first team from “The Angel Chronicles” became a beloved hit. Moving into the action/adventure world with “Tallent & Lowery,” Amy has created a new, incredibly suspenseful, team that has once again exploded with readers everywhere. Born in Connecticut, Amy is now living in the bright sunshine of Roswell, NM, delving into her next adventure.

To learn more about Amy, please visit her website.