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sendclownsTV news anchor Laura Stark thought she was finally free of Max, her bizarre ex-husband. But a series of sinister pranks convinces her that Max—a trained circus clown—is stalking her again.

Since she broke a controversial news story that made her a persona non grata with the New York City Police Department, Laura turns to a pair of quirky Delaware private detectives for help. Paul Chang, a former NYPD cop with a mean streak, and his prescient, scrawny sidekick, Nelson Rogers, are convinced that Max is up to no good. But they can’t be sure exactly what the prankster wants from Laura. Meanwhile, Laura scores scoop after scoop from an anonymous tipster, breaking big stories about a billionaire’s murder and an unlikely peace treaty brokered by the mayor of New York. Chang suspects Max has some connection to the exposés—and a grandiose plan that goes far beyond simple stalking. Can Chang and Nelson catch Max before the mad jester turns the city into his own three-ring circus?

The third novel in the Detective Chang mystery series, SEND IN THE CLOWNS juggles a twisted tale of obsession and political intrigue.


From a GOODREADS review by William Bentrim, 8/1/2013

“Burly Paul Chang and his quirky sidekick Nelson are back. This story is one of international terrorism, stalking and political intrigue.

Chang is still recovering from injuries from the previous story. He is a complex character who is constantly battling his internal dragon. Nelson’s character of the consummate nerd is equally likeable. You find yourself seeing these two in people you know. Greg does a great job with his characterizations.

I found the story more colorful and delightfully complex with a cynical view of politicians and their overwhelming personal conceit. Max as a villain was just about perfect. The circus connection provided abundant color and sly humor.”


gregPrior to writing fiction full time, Greg worked in public relations in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. He has an MBA from the College of William & Mary and a BA in English from Skidmore College. The first book in his Paul Chang mystery series, FINAL PRICE, released November, 2010. In addition to LEGACY OF THE DRAGON, the second Chang mystery, (Thomas & Mercer,) he is also the author of the bestselling psychological thriller, A NOBLE CAUSE, (Thomas & Mercer, January, 2012.) Born and raised in Washington, DC, Smith lives in Wilmington, Delaware with his wife, son and dog.

To learn more about Greg, please visit him on Facebook.