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save italyDante Passoni, the long awaited Italian counterpart to James Bond, is a man of this century, not a relic of the cold war.  He embodies the dynamism of the high-tech world rather than the public corpse of England’s MI-6.  Dante is as dashing as James in his prime, as charming as Italy herself, as bold and fearless as we imagine ourselves to be.  Passoni brings nail-biting suspense, fun and fresh air wherever he goes.  If you love Italy, its food, drink, cars and women; if you love adventure and romance touched by an occasional whiff of the outrageous; if you’re in need of something legal that will quicken your pulse and reignite your senses . . . Save Italy! is for you.

SAVE ITALY is available from Amazon.


Tommy Vilar’s Save Italy! Forget the Rest is an action-packed nail-biter filled with nonstop romance, suspense, and adventure that will keep readers riveted to the last page. Save Italy! debuts with Dante Passoni—the fearless Italian counterpart to James Bond—whose extravagant lifestyle typifies the true Italian male: food, drink, luxury cars like the decked-out  Lamborghini Murcielo—and of course, gorgeous women.

The main characters in Save Italy! Forget the Rest consist of Dante Passoni, his flame Gina, and Pieter Godessohn, the South African villain hiding under his façade of a world-class philanthropist. By combining danger-seeking characters with a memorable plotline, vivid imagery and unique dialogue sequences, Tommy Vilar’s Save Italy is a book that simply can’t be put down.

The Passoni family has a history of protecting the Queen City, and Dante and his uncle, Senator Vittorio, are no different. The book unfolds with Vittorio’s plan to raise an astounding sixty billion dollars to save Venice; however, there are countless greedy individuals who are opposed to Vittorio because it would spell financial doom for them.

In a wild turn of events, Vittorio Passoni is lured and murdered, prompting those who had donated billions from all over the world to cancel their donations, and leave Venice in a state of turmoil. Pieter Godessohn then uses this opportunity to unleash a nuclear powered device—a school of steel fish—from a Venice refinery that will conduct “a nuclear-powered swim of fifteen thousand miles,” ultimately reaching the Pacific undeterred to ignite a series of floods and droughts in order to systematically remove the United States from the map.

Dante Passoni and Pieter Godessohn are destined for a collision course. However, eliminating Pieter is a bit tricky because the steel fish have already begun their swim toward the Pacific—and only Pieter knows how to stop them. Can Dante Passoni pull off his best James Bond impression and Save Italy?
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Years ago, Tommy Vilar moved to Italy with his wife and young children. His life there inspired the novel, “SAVE ITALY! Forget the Rest.” Read Tommy’s blog for a blow-by-blow account of those first crazy months in a wonderful new land. It is accessible from this Author Page and also at (Tommy Vilar is a pen name of Thomas Kirkwood, best known for his Cold War thrillers. Before moving to Amazon, Kirkwood was published by Macmillan, Collier Macmillan {Europe}, Donald I. Fine {an imprint of Penguin}, Signet {an imprint of NAL}, Brilliance {audio}, and Stjerne-Spenning {Europe}. After many years in the EU, he now makes his home in Denver, Colorado. Kirkwood’s novels include THE SVALBARD PASSAGE, THE QUIET ASSASSIN, THE TRADE, LACKING VIRTUES and THE POPPY BROKER, all available in both physical and Kindle editions. Under the pseudonym of Chub Yublinsky, Kirkwood has written a story of teenage love and loss entitled FAITH: A Secret Life.

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