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EvangalineThe year is 1946. MI6 operative, Victoria Méliès, finds herself at the Pearly Gates, being assigned to an eternity in Purgatory. Her life-long identity is deemed inconsequential and she learns that forevermore, she will only be known by her code name: Evangeline. However, the always-intrepid WWII spy argues with St. Peter that she must be given the chance to avenge her murder, so she can rest in peace.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” St. Peter has heard it all before, but his decision to ignore her request is overruled. Evangeline’s ghost materializes in New York City where she stumbles across her old nemesis, Bunny Stanton, who is very much alive and involved in a plot to assassinate President Harry S. Truman.

The spectral spy embarks on a crusade to save the President’s life. However, she ruffles the feathers of the powers that be and soon finds herself in trouble for breaking the “Rules and Regulations Pertaining to the Newly-Dead.” Now, instead of earning a place in Heaven, she may find herself on the road to Hell—paved with her good intentions.

EVANGELINE’S GHOST is available from Amazon.


“What a fun story—it’s so unique. Simple and straightforward, but with enough embellishments and clever word play to satisfy any reader. Well done!”
—Karen Dionne, author, Boiling Point

“Evangeline’s Ghost” expertly encompasses fantasy, history and humor. Reading this book is armchair traveling at its best!”
—Carol Scibelli, author, Poor Widow Me


C. A. Pack is a former award-winning journalist and television news anchor from the New York metropolitan area.  Now, she has has switched her focus from fact to fiction. She is currently at work on a YA novel and will follow it up with publication of her third novel featuring Evangeline.  A member of International ThrillerWriters, and Sisters in Crime, Carol is also a former president of the Press Club of Long Island. She lives in Westbury, NY, with her husband, a couple of picky parrots, and dozens of imaginary characters that constantly demand page space.

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