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hollowmanA young man running from Vietnam finds himself in another kind of war – a war of terrorism spreading across Europe. This new thriller, based on true events, follows a young field analyst from a U.S. government agency assigned to study emerging terror tactics. He’s charged with watching over the unpopular prime minister of Spain, Luis Carrero Blanco. When a terrorist’s deadly plot kills Blanco, the analyst begins a cat-and-mouse chase across Europe with Chaban, the mastermind assassin, narrowly escaping death again and again in this fast-paced thriller.

Blanco’s death is just the first step in an almost unstoppable plot to destroy Europe’s economy. The analyst, a “hollow man,” knows he’s no hero but feels compelled to take a stand against terrorism, haunted by his own demons and one of Chaban’s previous murder victims, a 12-year-old girl. Disowned by his own government, his only help comes in the form of an MI6 agent who is also his lover. Always a step behind, the two race to stop Chaban before Europe explodes. Thousands of lives hang in the balance, sure to become collateral damage in the terrorist’s plot unless the flawed hero and his partner can stop him.

THE HOLLOW MAN is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


“The Hollow Man is an exciting book from cover to cover. I was pulled in immediately. The action starts on the first page and continues throughout the book. The American and Zita confront a cast of terrorists who will stop at nothing to bring Europe to a standstill. The eloquent details of Paris made me feel like I was along for the ride. The relationship between these two main characters is as intense as the chases.”

“The Hollow Man grabs you immediately, pulls you in, and doesn’t let go until the wild ride across Western Europe is over.  The many twists and turns of plot, along with dead-on descriptions of the incredible scenery, cause the book to scream out, “Make me a movie!” It is in my head, now I want to see it on the big screen.”

“Hollis’ novel is a well-written, engaging and insightful mystery novel.  The main character in Hollow Man reminds me of Arkady Renko in Martin Cruz Smith’s Gorky Park; an investigator driven by hidden motives, used by his superiors and bumbling into unknown areas which get him quickly in over his head.  He isn’t a James Bond super spy, but a real character we can all relate.  Rather than the gloomy setting of old Soviet Union in Gorky Park, however, Hollow Man takes us on an engaging historical trip through the rich culture and political chaos of the Iberian Peninsula.  I finished the book truly caring for the characters in it, and waiting for their next adventure.”


Paul Hollis always had wanderlust, living in 12 states and eventually working in all 50, luring him with the idea of touring the world at someone else’s expense. He has worked in 48 countries across five continents during nine years of living abroad teaching companies worldwide about potential global implications.

Paul’s travel experiences inspire the novels in “The Hollow Man” series and present a unique
viewpoint to his globe-trotting thrillers, bringing the streets and villages of Europe to life. He
now lives in St. Louis. For more information, visit