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Smoking Ash cover
Lester Calvin enjoys a comfortable living helping the average joe get what he needs, get out of trouble, or avoid trouble in the first place. He operates out of his favorite cigar bar, makes his own hours, and never has to wear a tie. Best of all, he occasionally lands a gig where a beautiful woman lays $500 in his lap for, literally, nothing.

But when an angry FBI agent pays him a wake-up call the next morning, Lester begins to wonder if he made a huge mistake. Before long, Lester finds himself in the midst of a life-and-death struggle, with a giant target painted on his back.


jeremyJeremy Tyler is a Tampa native, born and bred. Though he currently resides in upstate New York, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to feature his beloved town of mystery and depth in his latest thriller. SMOKING ASH is his third book.

To learn more about Jeremy and SMOKING ASH, please visit Untreed Reads.


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