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scaremongerScaremonger id the first novella in Gregory Lamberson’s new paranormal thriller series The Lily Dale Chronicles.

Lily Dale, the first Spiritualist Assembly in the United States, is located in Western New York.  When four renowned mediums conduct a seance to contact the spirit of witch hunter Barnabas Mather, they unleash a terrifying supernatural force which preys upon mediums, psychics and healers.  FBI Special Agent Rosa Thorn journeys to the unusual community to investigate a series of bizarre murders which baffle the local authorities, and must confront her own dark past before battling the monstrous Scaremonger in this Kindle exclusive.

SCAREMONGER is available from Amazon.


“And if you take a look at the titular character, you’ll see a lot of Jake Helman, Maria Vasquez, and hell… even Tony Mace, in her. She’s tough, she’s a fighter, she’s got a shitty past, and she’s ready to do anything in order to get to her goals. Rosa Thorn is a very strong character, but you can bet, in pure Lamberson fashion, she’s put through her paces in this story. Though, she’s is a bit different from the aforementioned characters… but I won’t give that bit away.”

– Dreadfule Tales on Scaremonger: Book One in The Lily Dale Chronicles


Gregory Lamberson is a two time winner of the IPPY Gold Medal for Horror and a three time Bram Stoker Award finalist.  He is the author of Johnny Gruesome, the occult detective series The Jake Helman Files (Personal Demons, Desperate Souls, Cosmic Forces, Tortured Spirits and Storm Demon), the werewolf series The Frenzy Cycle (The Frenzy Way and the Frenzy War), and the zombie novella Carnage Road, which is being developed as a motion picture.  He is also the author of The Julian Year, the first TREEbook (Timed Reading Experience E-book) from Medallion Press.  His website is

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