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Killers of the Lonely Hearts_coverFrom R. Barri Flowers, award winning criminologist and internationally bestselling author of THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS, comes a gripping new true crime short, KILLERS OF THE LONELY HEARTS: The Story of Serial Killers Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck.

In this gripping tale of sex, jealousy, con artists, and murder, the author gets to the root of the violent crimes perpetrated by 1940s serial killers Fernandez and Beck, who preyed on lonely women through personal ads, stealing from and murdering, before the ultimate justice was served on the killer lovers.

As a bonus, included is a complete true crime short, THE SINFUL KILLERS, about serial killers James Gregory Marlow and Cynthia Coffman, who murdered at least five people over three states in 1986, including four women, targeted for abduction, sexual assault, and robbery.

An added bonus is excerpts from R. Barri Flowers bestselling true crime shorts, MASS MURDER IN THE SKY, in which an airliner is brought down over Denver by dynamite, and MURDER AT THE PENCIL FACTORY, chronicling the century old murder of young Mary Phagan and the lynching of her purported killer Leo Frank.

KILLERS OF THE LONELY HEARTS is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


“Selected as one of Suspense Magazine’s Best of 2011 books.” — John Raab, CEO/Publisher on THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS

“A gripping account of the murders committed by husband-and-wife serial killers Gerald and Charlene Gallego.” –Gary C. King, author of Blood Lust on THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS

“R. Barri Flowers always relates an engrossing story.” –Robert Scott, author of The Last Time We Saw Her on THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS

“A model of exposition not to be missed by anyone interested in the annals of American criminal behavior.” –Jim Ingraham, Ph.D., professor emeritus of American Studies at Bryant University on THE PICKAXE KILLERS

“Striking, well-written tales sparkle in this ocean of murder.” –Diane Fanning, author of Mommy’s Little Girl on MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME

“Exhaustively researched, each storyteller brings their own unique prose to these pages, creating what will soon become a true crime classic.” –Kevin M. Sullivan, author of The Bundy Murders on MASTERS OF TUE CRIME

“This book should be a mandatory purchase and read for any true-crime buff.” —Steven A. Egger, PhD, associate professor on MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME

“Incredible cases, psychopathic killers, unwitting victims, along with the very best writers, make for an exciting, no-holds-barred, soon-to-be true-crime classic.” —Dan Zupansky, host of True Murder on MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME

“An indispensable sourcebook for anyone interested in American homicide, from law-enforcement professionals to armchair criminologists.” —Harold Schechter, author of The Serial Killer Files on THE DYNAMICS OF MURDER

“Vivid case studies of murder to complement this well researched criminology text.”—Scott Bonn, Ph.D., criminology professor on THE DYNAMICS OF MURDER


R. Barri Flowers is an award winning criminologist and bestselling author of more than seventy books, including true crime, criminology, thriller fiction, and young adult mysteries. True crime titles include THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS, THE PICKAXE KILLERS, MURDER AT THE PENCIL FACTORY, and a highly praised anthology, MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME.


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