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Recovering addict, Angie Edmonds, is finally in a good place: clean, sober, and employed as a defense attorney. But at the end of a long work day, she finds herself in a parent’s worst nightmare: her one-year old son has been kidnapped and taken across the Mexican border by a cult leader who believes the child is the “Chosen One.”

Stymied by the US and Mexican legal systems, Angie is forced to ask the head of a Mexican crime syndicate for help. Much to her chagrin, she must work with Alejandro Torres, a dangerously attractive criminal and the drug lord’s right-hand man. Little does she know Alejandro is an undercover federal agent, equally terrified of blowing his cover—and falling in love with her.


“Obsession starts off with a bang and doesn’t stop until the end… This book deals with a number of issues, such as cults, human trafficking and the drug trade, and it’s clear that the author has done her research. ” ~~ Mary Bennings, RT BOOK REVIEWS

“I thought a child being kidnapped, the Mexican cartel, a cult along the lines of Jimmy Jones and a sexy undercover operative – Awesome. Then she adds some other elements I didn’t see coming and WOW. It blew me away.”~~Sherri J. Fundin, fundinmental: as eye see it

“If you’re in the mood for a steamy Romantic Suspense that keeps your interest with clever plot twists, emotional angst, and believable characters, then be prepared to obsess over “Obsession” by Sharon Buchbinder. Seriously, this is one of those books you just can’t put down.” ~~Deb Sanders, Romance


Sharon New Head Shot 2013After working in health care delivery for years, Sharon Buchbinder became an association executive, a health care researcher, and an academic in higher education. However, that itch to write (an obsession) kept beckoning her to “come on back” to writing fiction. Thanks to the kindness of family, friends, and beta readers, she is now an award-winning author published in multiple genres. When not attempting to make students, colleagues, and babies laugh, she can be found herding cats, waiting on a large gray dog, fishing, dining with good friends, or writing.

To learn more about Sharon, please visit her website.

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