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High res cover NineFor thousands of years, the wisdom of the NINE has protected mankind from destroying itself. But a vengeful ancient spirit has returned to shatter the peace. With the help of magical powers, he has possessed a young man and mobilised black yogis to destroy the NINE. Plucked from their ordinary lives, empowered with special abilities, Tara, Akash and Zubin are swept into an occult world of kala yogis and siddhis to fight an ancient warrior spirit…

261 BC: After his bloody battle with Kalinga, the Mauryan emperor Ashoka, overcome with remorse, swore never to wage another war. And to make sure no one else did. His Navratnas—the Nine—zealously guarded their powers and knowledge, handing them down through millennia and generations to ensure lasting peace.

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From the corpses of the Kalingan warriors rose an angry spirit bent upon avenging the Kalinga empire, destroying the Nine and using their hidden knowledge to rule the world and change its destiny.

The bloodthirsty warrior has possessed the body of a young man, making him hunt down and kill the Nine one by one. It is now up to the chosen Trinity—nurse Tara, DJ Akash and forensic expert Zubin—to stop him. This first book in a trilogy of fantasy thrillers churns up an astonishing tale from the depths of ancient times!


Shobha writes fiction, especially stories that involve murders and mysteries, mad chases, and fiery personalities, all seasoned with the spices of Indian culture.

She is the author of The Silent Monument and her debut novel, Kaerlighedens bla safir was translated and published in Denmark.