The Vostok Gambit by Tom Grace

Deep in the frozen wasteland of Antarctica, a remote NASA research lab rests atop a two-mile thick glacier, covering a vast underground water reservoir. But the true discovery isn’t the lake buried in ice — it’s what has been found within its boundaries. Something amazing. Something alive. And it may hold the answers to existence itself.

When the lab is attacked and its scientists murdered, ex-Navy SEAL Nolan Kilkenny realizes that there’s more than science at stake — there’s power, money, and what may be another step in evolution. Racing around the globe, Kilkenny must stop the machinations of a diabolical adversary and recover a priceless artifact of human existence — or die trying….

THE VOSTOK GAMBIT is available from Amazon and  Audible.


“A truly believable hero…Kilkenny is a little Jack Ryan, a little Dirk Pitt.” — San Francisco Chronicle

“I devoured [Grace’s] books during a rainy week off and became hooked…an enormous amount of fun.” — The Detroit Free Press

“[The Vostok Gambit] displays Grace’s mastery of action and technology…If you like techno-thrillers that move at breakneck speed…no one concocts them better than Tom Grace.” –Michigan Today

“Nolan Kilkenny crackles with intellectual and physical skills and takes the reader ona fast-paced journey…the proverbial page-turner, a great read for that long flight or those sun-filled hours on the beach.” — Polar Times


Tom Grace is the author of five Nolan Kilkenny thrillers, including the AP #1 bestselling novel The Secret Cardinal. An architect in private practice, he resides with his wife and family in Michigan.

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