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Picture KillsA picture is worth a thousand words…but what if the words are lies?

Steven Quintana was once a top Army Ranger reconnaissance photographer until he made a fatal mistake on a mission. A boy was killed, and Steven’s military career was cut short – all because of a photo he took.

Now he works as a paparazzo in Hollywood where his photos can’t hurt anybody, the money is easy and he can forget the past.

But when actress Julia Travers is kidnapped, Steven discovers they used photos that he took of her to cover up the crime. Realizing that he’s still harming people with his camera, he swears to fix his mistake.

However the last person Julia wants to see coming to her rescue is the paparazzo whose photos got her into trouble in the first place.

THE PICTURE KILLS is a fast-paced thriller that starts in celebrity obsessed Hollywood and climaxes in the remote cays of the Bahamas.

THE PICTURE KILLS is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.



When I picked up the book this morning to read a little more (I was just past the halfway point) I got so engrossed that I just kept reading..and ended up late for work! I should remove a star for that, but I won’t.

Great good guys and great bad guys in a story that’s off the beaten path. The author’s background in the film/TV business shows through, with details and descriptions that ring true and bring the setting to life.

If you like thrillers, definitely check this one out.


I hadn’t read a thriller in a long time, but this one held my interest and I totally enjoyed it. Each chapter leaves you wanting more. I love that there are two narrators — one, a tough military guy-turned-paparazzo, the other, a beautiful actress with a no-nonsense personality. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but I liked the Hollywood angle and the hints of romance that came along with the action (which is gripping!). There are cool locales, a good villain and some great payoffs at the end. Whether you’re a thriller fan or not, I bet you’ll enjoy THE PICTURE KILLS.


Paparazzi, the seedy side of Tinseltown, stars and starlets, obsession, kidnapping and murder — this one’s got it all —

Ian Bull, in real life a veteran film and TV producer, brings convincing detail and an authentically cynical atmosphere to this thriller, yet keeps the pace rippimg along — a great read!!


Ian Bull is the pen name of Donald Ian Bull, a TV producer and director turned thriller novelist. His TV credits include The Real World, The Osbournes, and Dr.90210.

He grew up in San Francisco, attended UC Berkeley and then UCLA, and now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.

You can also read his blog about life in California at