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A fantastic discovery is made – a unique species not seen since the dawn of time. A specimen smuggled out of the dark heart of the Amazon jungle. It will be the wonder of the modern times. But the creature brings with it something else not seen by modern man – a primordial parasite, and something that might have been responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs.

A team must travel back to the hidden place where the specimen was found. There, they find a world-within-a-world, a place where mankind is out of time, and where there are monstrous dangers.


“In a book that seems like Jurassic Park meets Indiana Jones, Beck manages to inject realism into a very unrealistic concept. This is a well-written and flawlessly-executed read, and I only have one complaint – it ends where it does. Please, Greig Beck, get the next two parts out on time!” –G.Brown – President, Australian Horror Writers Asc.

“If you love scientific/action/adventure stories, you should be reading Greig Beck. His stories never fail to keep you on the edge of your seat, in fear for the characters and in anticipation of their horrific discoveries.” –The Speed of Write.

“THE FIRST BIRD. Three words: I loved it – a sort of modern version of The Lost World – If you like action, adventure, mixed with fantasy and some horror, this is an author you don’t want to miss.” –TABULA RASA Book Reviews, India


Greig BeckGreig Beck is the multi-award nominated, best selling author of BENEATH THE DARK ICE, DARK RISING, THIS GREEN HELL, VALKERYN and BLACK MOUNTAIN. Today, his books are published globally in print, online and in audio format.

To learn more about Greig, please visit his website.