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Taurus Moon is hired by Uno, a vampire crime lord, to locate ancient artifacts that will make him into a god. Taurus, no fan of vampires, knows he should turn Uno’s job down, but the reward is too high to simply walk away from. Despite his misgivings, he and his friends begin the treacherous journey for the supernatural artifacts. Things become more complicated when a rival crime lord hires Mika Hawkins, a ruthless relic hunter, and her band of monsters. And they have no qualms about killing the competition.

D. K. Gaston was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He joined the military at eighteen. After being honorably discharged after five years of duty, he began work on his Bachelor degree in Computer Information Science. He went on to a successful career in the Information Technology field for more than fifteen years and earned two Master degrees; one in Technology Management; the other in Business Administration. D. K. Gaston is the author of thrillers. He lives in Michigan, where he is at work on his new thriller.

TAURUS MOON is available from Amazon.