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Nolan Kilkenny is a former Navy SEAL who is now pursuing his doctorate in advanced computer technology. While investigating a seemingly harmless technical problem in a complex, highly secured computer network, he becomes involved in the CIA and FBI’s fierce hunt for three computer-age information pirates. The ruthless, brilliant thieves have stolen SPYDER – the CIA’s ultra-secret electronic intelligence gathering project that can pry open the most heavily-guarded computer networks in existence – and United States government will do anything to get it back.

Suddenly, Kilkenny is leading the search for SPYDER…and is in sharp focus in the crosshairs of those who will stop at nothing to possess the ultimate spy weapon.

SPYDER WEB is available from Audible.


“Tom Grace, a Michigan architect, wrote his first thriller in his spare time, in between designing research facilities for IBM and the University of Michigan. That explains why it has both a cool, careful structure and the feel of a solid foundation of scientific research behind its many scenes of absorbing action.

Ex-Navy SEAL Nolan Kilkenny has just begun work at his father’s online research facility called MARC (for Michigan Applied Research Consortium) when two high-level hackers steal a CIA device called Spyder and turn it loose on MARC in a test of its strength. Spyder is the ultimate hacking program, with the ability to sniff out every byte of supposedly classified data on the Internet and make it public–creating a financial disaster for the Kilkennys as well as a potential threat to world order.

Using his old SEAL killing skills and his recently acquired cybersnooper abilities, Nolan sets about solving both problems at once. Grace knows enough about designing thrillers that function on visceral as well as intellectual levels to keep the action flowing along with the technical jargon. If you’ve been wondering where the next generation of Tom Clancys is going to come from, direct your gaze to Ann Arbor and environs.” —

“Grace fuses brawny action-hero derring-do with brainy computer hacking.” — Publishers Weekly

“Spirited…The finale, taking place in the depths of the murky Thames, offers an exciting close.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Very entertaining…[Spyder Web] has a lot to offer–international intrigue, realistic characters, lots of technical wizardry.”–Library Journal


Tom Grace is the author of five Nolan Kilkenny thrillers, including the AP #1 bestselling novel The Secret Cardinal. An architect in private practice, he resides with his wife and family in Michigan.