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Time is running out for Armend Zogu. The 250 yr-old curse on his head will claim him on his 30th birthday, the winter solstice.

Sofia Palmalosi is just the Strega who can save him. A descendant of a long line of powerful Italian witches, her family’s power was a gift from the Goddess Diana.

Together they embark on a journey from NY to the ancient ruins of Diana’s temple in Sicily and back to NY while fighting a battle of magic and wits with a psychopath who wants them both dead and the curse in tact.


“The plot has enough twists and turns to hold your interest and keep you turning pages from beginning to end.” Taylor Jones, reviewer

“Solstice has action, violence, danger and suspense. My kind of book!” Regan Murphy, reviewer

“A magical romantic suspense.” Pepper O’Neill, author of BLOOD FEST: CURSING FATE


Debbie Christiana would sit in her room as a little girl and write stories about ghosts and other things that go bump in the night. She combined her love of the paranormal with her fascination of unusual love stories and decided to write paranormal romantic suspense.

To learn more about Debbie, please visit her website.