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Night VisionBy J. H. Bográn

There seems to be a lot going on in Yasmine Galenorn’s new book NIGHT VISION. Take a look: Destined to become the Fae Queens of Winter and Summer, Wind Witch Cicely and her cousin Rhiannon are eager to assume their roles and marry the loves of their lives. But while Myst hides in the shadows, seeking to regroup her forces, a closer danger is lurking. Renegade vampires Geoffrey and Leo manage to free the Blood Oracle and set him upon New Forest, Washington. Not satisfied with wreaking havoc on the town, Leo ups the ante by kidnapping Rhiannon. Now, Cicely must lead her forces in a bloody battle to save her cousin before everything they’ve worked for crumbles to dust.

What inspired the premise for NIGHT VISION?

NIGHT VISION is book four in the series, so it’s part of the ongoing story arc. What started the whole series off, however, was a dream. I dreamed I was looking at a picture of a young woman walking through a snowy woodland filled with creatures from legend and lore. I knew, somehow, that she was looking for her aunt. Overshadowing the forest was the image of a spidery, shimmering queen—and I knew she was Myst, Queen of the Indigo Court, and she’d kidnapped the woman’s aunt. Then I woke up, but the dream stayed with me. And it eventually became the Indigo Court Series.  In some respects, it’s a dark adult faerie tale taking some of its tropes from the Snow Queen fairytale. Only with vampires. And vampiric Fae. ~laughs~

Please define the protagonists.

Cicely Waters is one of the magic-born, a Wind Witch. She’s also half Cambyra Fae (the shifting Fae) and discovers her heritage gives her the power to shift into owl form.  Her cousin, Rhiannon, born on the same day, is a Fire Witch and discovers she, too, is one of the Cambyra. Together, they are destined to become the new Fae Queens of Winter and Summer, but first they must defeat Myst, the VampiricnFae Queen of the Indigo Court, who threatens the land with her eternal winter.

How about the antagonist?

Myst belonged to the Unseelie Court thousands of years before, where she longed to be the Queen of Winter but was deemed unfit for the throne. A vampire named Geoffrey attempted to turn her—his idea was to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their power. Instead, he inadvertently created a demonic enemy more powerful than he had dared to dream, but Myst and her followers turned on him. Bent on enslaving the world, the Vampiric Fae have been quietly massing their strength for centuries. Now, Myst, queen of the Indigo Court, is rising again…and a long-prophesied war is brewing…

What kind of research did you do for this series?

I’ve an extensive background in mythology and modern magic, so most of the research is already in my head. I just needed to piece it all together.

NIGHT VISION is the fourth book in The Indigo Court series, were there any particular challenges?

One of the biggest challenges in writing a shorter, closed-ending series is pacing. Making sure the story line wraps up at the right place, and having every book include its own story in addition to the overall series arc. Also, this series tends to insist that I write it at night, which shifts my personal schedule.

Is there a video trailer for the book? 

Yes, here’s the trailer. I make all my own book videos—for me it’s a creative outlet.

What can you share with us about book five?

Book five will wrap up the series. Unlike my Otherworld Series—currently contracted through book 18, and probably have more after that—NIGHT’S END, the last book in the Indigo Court series, must wrap up the story for all the characters. I don’t like leaving people hanging, wondering whatever happened to this or that character. So NIGHT’S END will involve the big battle against Queen Myst and an ending—happy or not—for all the major players involved.

The Indigo Court is just one of the many series that you write. Is it difficult to keep them separate?

No, the series are very different, even though all my current work is urban fantasy. Plus, the Otherworld Series is so much farther along, that I know the world on a much deeper level. That was another one of the challenges with the Indigo Court Series—walking into a new world and making it real. I think I’ve done a good job.

Are you planning to attend any writer’s conferences or go on a book tour?

I always attend Romantic Times Convention, and RWA Nationals. I will also be attending Lora Leigh’s RAW Event in September. You can see all of my appearances on my website’s schedule.

What are you currently working on?

I’m on deadline for CRIMSON VEIL—it’s due at the end of the month. That will be book 15 of the Otherworld Series and will be out on January 28, 2014. I just finished the page proofs for AUTUMN WHISPERS—book 14, which comes out September 24th, 2013.

After I turn in CRIMSON VEIL, I begin writing NIGHT’S END—the last book in the Indigo Court Series. I also have a novella—Flight From Hell—due by the end of August, which will tie together Otherworld and its spin-off series—the Fly By Night Series.

I’m just a little bit busy. ~smiles~


“Galenorn is a sheer force of nature…” NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author Maggie Shayne

“YasmineGalenorn creates a world I never want to leave.” #1 NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon


Yasmine GalenornNEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn writes urban fantasy for Berkley: the Otherworld Series, the Indigo Court Series, and the upcoming Fly By Night Series. In the past she wrote mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime, and nonfiction metaphysical books. Yasmine has been in the Craft for over 33 years, is a shamanic witch, and describes her life as a blend of teacups and tattoos. She lives in Kirkland WA with her husband Samwise and their cats.

To learn more about Yasmine, please visit her website.

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