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newmdIt’s another Mother’s Day and Miranda is still not pregnant. Her unsuccessful attempts have left her defeated and despondent. Everyone, it seems, is a mother except her. As she prepares to spend another Mother’s Day surrounded by family, Miranda must come to terms with how her infertility has affected her relationship with her husband, her sisters and her friends. But the ultimate challenge is learning to forgive her own body for its betrayal and recognizing when hope has changed from an ally to a foe.

MOTHER’S DAY is available from Amazon.


A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Lynne relocated to the New York area in 2004 with her husband and children. She is passionate about education, reading, health, and wellness. She enjoys traveling, spending time on the beach and taking walks with her family and their adorable golden retriever.

Lynne wrote her first novel, Circle Dane, with her sister Valerie. Circle Dance was a legacy of love fueled by the desire to pass on to their children the traditions and experiences unique to them as second generation Greek Americans. Her first short story, Mother’s Day, was released this June.

Lynne is currently at work on her next book, a thriller, which she plans to finish this summer.

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