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Alice was hot. Blonde hair. Green eyes. Great body. And smart. Only one problem, she was a cold-blooded murderer. But Alice wasn’t targeting just anyone. She had a list of men who had to die. Men who deserved to suffer because of what they did to her.

The cops called her the Lady in Red. And two of LAPD’s best homicide cops were trying to stop her, Ryan and his beautiful partner Syd. They were ambitious, talented detectives with a secret — they were also lovers. But the secrets didn’t stop there. Ryan and Syd also hid deadly secrets from each other.

In Cold Blonde is a fast-paced, sex-fueled thriller packed with captivating characters unexpected plot twists and a 47 million dollar surprise that changes everything.

IN COLD BLONDE is available from Amazon.


For all aficionados of the Charles Bronson “Death Wish” series, this is a fabulous read — an instant classic of the genre. But it is also a unique and complex novel rich with intriguing characters whose dark pasts bear heavily on the unfolding story. Packed with twists and humor, the tale is all the more absorbing since the villainess is revealed very early — and therefore following the protagonists as they methodically track down the killer is the thrust that propels the novel. Throughout, we are regaled with a painstakingly true depiction of police procedure that is an intriguing and fascinating tour de force. Bravo…
Conway has once again treated us to a gripping page turner!
–E. Duke Vincent author of Mafia Summer and Camelot Conspiracy


James has worked extensively as a Hollywood writer, producer and director. His credits include such TV favorites as Supernatural, Smallville, Charmed, and Star Trek: Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise.

James also served six years as Executive Vice President of Spelling Television where he worked on over twenty TV series including such hits as 90210, Melrose Place and 7th Heaven.

In Cold Blonde is his third novel.

To learn more about James or his novels, please check out his website: