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One-time famous child star, Collin Cox is devastated when his mother and her drug-dealing boyfriend are brutally murdered in their Seattle rental home—while he’s sleeping upstairs. He moves in with his grandparents and tries to start over with a new name at a new high school. One night, two of Collin’s new friends hypnotize him, and while under, he becomes someone totally different—someone dangerous, who calls himself Wade Grinnell. When Collin’s friends suddenly turn up dead, he’s terrified this person inside him may be responsible. Desperate, he seeks help from Olivia Barker, a hypnotist and one-time therapist.

Olivia Barker is a therapist with no connection to the murders. But she has heard things; details that only a killer would know—a killer who could be one of her patients. Olivia has no proof for her suspicions. But as the body count rises, so do her fears. A rock is thrown through her window; her car tires are slashed; a chilling message is scrawled on her bathroom mirror. Olivia knows she’s getting closer to the truth, but the truth could be the last thing she’ll ever know.


“A genuine page-turner.”—THE SEATTLE TIMES on TERRIFIED

“O’Brien slowly builds the suspense of the story until it reaches its explosive end.”—SUSPENSE MAGAZINE on TERRIFIED

“An authentically scary suburban tale of menace and mayhem.”—THE SEATTLE TIMES on DISTURBED

“Scary! Read this page turner with the lights on!” —Lisa Jackson on WATCH THEM DIE


Before NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Kevin O’Brien became the acclaimed writer he is today, he was a railroad inspector who worked all over the Pacific Northwest, and it was during this time that he wrote his first novel, and he’s been writing thrillers that leave us wanting more ever since. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY describes author Kevin O’Brien’s novels as “…clear, crisp writing and taunt suspense.” His previous novel FINAL BREATH, spent two weeks on the Extended NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers list, while THE LAST VICTIM appeared on the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list and novels MAKE THEM CRY and NEXT TO DIE have both been USA TODAY bestsellers. Kevin O’Brien returns this June with another fast paced and gripping thriller UNSPEAKABLE being published by Pinnacle Books.

To learn more about Kevin, please visit his website.