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While Mick Murphy is out to kill Russian mobster Alexei, he stumbles across evidence that a terrorist attack will take place in Key West, Florida within days. He has to choose between catching up to Alexei in Miami or returning to Key West to save the lives of innocent men and women. He soon discovers that there is a cover up of the pending attack by officials of Homeland Security and FBI, and maybe others, as he tries to present evidence of the attack. With the help of Norm, Murphy’s all Central American black-ops friend, a drug smuggler Pauly, ex-SEAL Bob and the spiritual guidance, wanted or not, from a Jesuit who sees and talks to angels, the ragtag collect of eclectic characters unite to stop the attack with a WWII P51 Mustang and little else on their side.

TO BEAT THE DEVIL is available from Amazon.


Michael Haskins covers the Florida Keys for Reuters News. He has served as the business editor/writer for the daily Key West Citizen and has worked as the city’s public information officer. He also writes about arts & entertainment in Key West for The Weekly newspaper. This is Haskins’ seventh book in his Mick Murphy series.