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At the intersection of science and spirituality lies the human mind.

The Jericho Deception is a psychological adventure into the interplay of mind and spirit, science and religion, mystery and mysticism.

A mysterious death in a Yale lab, a secret facility hidden in the Egyptian desert, a desperate chase through the ruins of pharaohs: all linked together by a psychological experiment that promises to expose the innermost workings of the human mind and soul.

Ignoring the skepticism of his Yale colleagues, neuro-psychologist Dr. Ethan Lightman has dedicated his professional career to developing the Logos, a device that induces mystical experiences of the divine in his subjects through the use of electro-magnetic brain stimulation. After the mysterious death of his mentor in their Yale lab, Ethan is suspended from his research and teaching duties. Distraught, he uncovers a coded message written by his mentor on the night of his death that leads him to discover that the foundation funding their Logos project is a covert front for the CIA.

Questioning his future, Ethan jumps at a cryptic invitation from the foundation’s head to meet in person. He boards a private plane that whisks him to a remote desert in Egypt where he is brought to The Monastery, a secret religious training camp run by the CIA. Ethan is shocked to learn that the CIA is using his device, the Logos, to reprogram Islamic fundamentalists into Christians in a covert operation they refer to as Project Jericho. Asked to fix a flaw in the Logos that turns certain subjects psychotic, Ethan must decide whether to continue research that could plunge the Middle East into a religious war if it is discovered or to give up on his life’s work and possibly his own life.

Ethan makes his fateful decision after he befriends a Muslim doctor, falsely imprisoned as a suspected terrorist. Their escape leads to a harrowing chase through a Bedouin desert camp in the dead of night, a violent confrontation with his mentor’s murderer in the majestic ruins of an ancient temple in Luxor, and a final resolution with the deputy director of the CIA’s covert operations in bustling market in Cairo. Along the way, Ethan discovers that the Logos also holds the key to understanding a mysterious mystical experience he has suppressed from his past.


“A ripping good novel, brimming with excitement, imagination, vivid settings, and personable characters.” –Douglas Preston, #1 Bestselling Author of THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE

“Captivating with plausibility and imagination. A gritty thriller.” –Steve Berry, NYT Bestselling Author of THE KING’S DECEPTION

“A high-tech Da Vinci Code on steroids, only better written.” –Jon Land, NYT bestselling author of PANDORA’S TEMPLE

“A thrilling roller-coaster ride into the beauty and darkness of the human mind.” –Gayle Lynds, NYT bestselling author of THE BOOK OF SPIES

“Best Suspense/Thriller Novel 2013 Gold Medal” –Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY)


Jeffrey Small is the author of the bestselling thriller, THE BREATH OF GOD, which won the Nautilus Book Award Gold Medal for Best Fiction and was hailed as “a thought-provoking masterpiece” by RT Book Reviews, “visionary fiction” by Library Journal, and “a fast-paced adventure” by Kirkus. He is a graduate of Yale, Harvard, and Oxford Universities.

To learn more about Jeffrey, please visit his website.