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When streetwise con man Darnell Sims is busted for a traffic violation, he has no idea how much his life is about to change: he’s now back on the radar of hard-nosed ATF agent Max Bradford. Then Max and Darnell are run off the road by members of a gang headed by drug lord Raoul Garcia, sending Max to the hospital and Darnell into hiding. Raoul is holding a grudge against Darnell for stealing a stash of his money three years before. Max has questions about the accident—who set him up and why?—but suspects Darnell is holding back. It’s a race to save anyone who might have answers when Raoul starts killing them off one by one.

With all that missing money at stake, there are plenty of potential suspects. There’s Armando Hernandez, a vicious killer known as The Vulture; hired thugs Billy Poe and Lester Long; and Alondra Ayala, a young woman with a somewhat ulterior motive for getting to know Max. With everyone coming out of the woodwork, Max and Darnell have to decide: who are the bad guys and who are the really bad guys?

The cop and the con work out their differences while searching the mean streets of South Florida for the killers. Still, they’re on opposite sides of the law. Can they trust each other?


“In such a combustible atmosphere, it’s every man for himself…a three-course banquet of felonies.” – KIRKUS REVIEWS


Brandon Hebert lives in a sleepy south Louisiana town with his wife and three high-maintenance dogs. In his spare time, he enjoys being at home, fishing with his dad, relaxing with family and friends and dissecting fake Cajun accents in movies.

ODD MAN OUT is his second novel. His debut, MY OWN WORST ENEMY, was named to KIRKUS REVIEWS’ Best Debut Fiction of 2010 list.

To learn more about Brandon, please visit his website.