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Enrique Antonio Vega operates with impunity in the Tri-Border Region of South America. He runs one of thelargest drug cartels on the continent, with an army of Guarani Natives as his personal security force. In a “drugs for guns for cash” smuggling operation, Vega and Middle Eastern terrorists have formed an unholy alliance deep in the rain forest. Only an army could take down such an operation. Luckily for us, there is such a team of special operators.

Selected from Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Marine Force Recon and the CIA, an elite team of fighting men is specially trained to deal with any threat. Posing first as the Navy All-Star Baseball team, and then as a group of missionaries, there is nothing they can’t do.

Based on a real military operation run in Southeast Asia in the 1960’s, The Team will take you deep into the rainforests of the Tri-Border Region to face cannibals, terrorists and drug cartels.

THE TEAM is available from Amazon.


If you like suspense, sports, spies and history rolled into one….this is a great read! This story is a real page turner with great characters, suspense and a climatic ending….all loosely based on a true story. In general, Salkin’s novels have a knack for incorporating historical elements, interesting characters and intriguing plots which keep you wanting more. One can’t help but wonder what’s coming next!

I read “The Team” because “Moose” is a friend of mine. The story moves very fast & is believable. I’m saving to re-read next year!

Dave – I enjoyed this story, immensely. Thank you for another fantastic “page-turner”! I hope there is a sequel sometime in the future.

Salkin knocks another one out of the park. The climatic final battle in this story kept me reading half the night. I just couldn’t put it down until I knew how “The Team” was going to end. The book was worth every penny!

David Salkin again shows what a fantastic writer he is. His books play like a movie while you are reading them. “The Team” is full of suspense, and really shows the tight brotherhood between comrads. Salkin adds emotion, humor, and the human factor to this story. Very well written. I am passing this along to my son. This is a great read for everyone!

Author Salkin keeps writing and I keep reading. This one is his best!! He has the ability to put you right in the book.

I don’t normally enjoy military fiction, but I was hooked by the “based in truth” part to this book. How clever to use a traveling sports team as cover for military ops! I really enjoyed the whole story. At first it seemed like a lot of characters but Dave Salkin does an amazing job of creating each one with such detail that not only are they memorable, they seem real. He has a way of making tough guys very human, and it’s such a gift when you can connect to the characters. I can’t wait to read about their next mission!

Welp, I finished The Team last night, Dave’s latest novel. Dave writes in a fashion that once you start, you can’t put the damn book down. In this case, the Kindle. Very well written and it made me feel like I was right there in all the action, so much so I fell in love with the heroine without ever seeing her. I rated it 5 stars and probably Dave’s best effort to date. I look forward to adding more of his books to my collection.


David M. Salkin is the author of five novels. He has served as an elected official in Freehold Township, NJ (pop. 36,000) for 20 years, where he has been Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Township Committeeman and Police Commissioner in that time period.

David is an associate member of The Marine Corps League and the Veteran’s Community Alliance, as well as the Sunrise Optimist Club.